Worship/School Sound Reinforcement

Many places of worship have difficult acoustic challenges with hard surfaces and tall ceilings. We provide congregations with clear, undistorted sound by repairing existing systems, building new ones, or upgrading their current ones. Lederer's Sound Service specializes in wireless microphones, hearing impaired systems, video projection systems, and line array and central point speaker systems.

Worship/School Intercom/Paging Systems

We enhance communication in places of worship and schools by repairing or replacing intercom systems, overhead paging/music systems, and other intercom systems. Lederer's Sound Service designs specialized intercom/paging systems to meet your needs, taking into consideration building size (including ceiling heights), and whether the system will be used for music, telephone, or microphones.

Worship Hearing Impaired

We offer Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) to help ensure that everyone who comes to worship will be able to hear what’s being said. Our ALDs can be used for houses of worship ranging from the very small to the very large.


Lederer's Sound Service features a team of engineers, designers, and installation specialists who are experienced in planning, executing, and installing everything from the simplest to the most complex audio/visual solutions. We provide site inspections, user needs analyses, network consulting, and infrastructure design. Additionally, we represent all major AV equipment manufacturers and will select the components for your system based on quality, functionality, and appropriateness to your needs.

Sound Masking

Sound masking systems provide both comfort and privacy in the workplace by providing superior sound quality, design flexibility, easy expansion, and complete system access with the click of the remote or mouse—on-site, off-site, or just about anywhere around the world.

Other Commercial Sound System Needs

We also perform repairs, replacements, and installations for patient wandering systems, PA systems, hearing-impaired systems, office/school intercoms, and more.